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Living with disability should not stop someone from leading an active and enjoyable life, and from being supported to get out and about in their local community.

Living with a disability should not stop you from living an amazing, enjoyable life. Abilia is here to offer you the support you need, as you try to re-enter the community and enjoy a stellar life, by utilize NDIS to achieve your goals.

We are more than just a disability support service, our goal at Abilia is to assist people of all abilities live a valued life. We are registered NDIS provider on the Gold Coast.

Abilia is created to assist adult and children with their care and social activities. We are focused on Innovative community participation for disability in Gold Coast, and we want to help people with disabilities live the life they want despite any mishaps or problems.

Let me explain

“My advice to other disabled people would be, concentrate on things your disability doesn’t prevent you doing well, and don’t regret the things it interferes with. Don’t be disabled in spirit as well as physically.” – Stephen Hawking

We creating.


In our program we creating friendship bond, to creating social skills peer to peer, and widen social circle.

Learning new skills.

You will learning new skills Which will creating confident and it can be used for your future.


We promoting health by encouraging participant to be active in the programme.


Together we exploring and developing your creativity, to discover your hidden talent.

Accessing technology.

We help to access technology and using technology to learn, and to add into skills.


We promoting happiness, sense of adventure and achievement to each of participants.

What we do?

We do this by being active participants in the various stages of their life. We are teams of professional, experienced support workers focus on key aspects of your life goals, through small group tailored support such as skills training and personal development training, community and social participation, fitness, travel and holiday support.

What we do goes far beyond providing social care. We build confidence through learning skills and break down barriers through access to social activities and learning.

The NDIS participants in Gold Coast aged 6 to 70 years old can access our program and use it to enhance their lives and improve their health. Every Disability support worker in our team will work very hard to help you push your knowledge, learn new skills, and also surpass any challenges, all while building great confidence levels naturally.

Disability NDIS provider on the Gold Coast | NDIS support worker | Abilia

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Why choose us?

We are here to enrich the lives of disabled people.

We are committed to building a more equitable society through raising awareness on disability, campaigning on policy, and through our programmes, which include training and employment programmes. Which help people to learn new skills, accessing community participation, grow in confidence and find fulfilling life.

Abilia support workers is here to help you to enhance your life, and get past any disability that might be holding you down. Our primary focus is to help establish a more equitable society with help from every disability support worker. All the NDIS participants in Gold Coast are focused on raising awareness for disability, campaigning, and also making life easier for people with any disability.

We here to assist you, so  you will acquire new skills and assist you with your NDIS goals. Thanks to these programs, people with disabilities get to enhance their lives, achieve that level of fulfillment and happiness, all while becoming a part of the community and helping others as well. Aside from that, we are bringing in innovative community participation for disability on Gold Coast and Northern river New South Wales, all in order to help disabled people to achieve their life goals.

What our clients
say about us?

Aruna has been absolutely excellent in understanding Glen's needs, how to elicit Glen's generally reluctant task co-operation (which torpor seems part of his disorders as well as a result of the meds he is on) with the carrot of an interesting exercise walk and restaurant adventure when there was no corona virus!) after completing necessary household tasks. Aruna has also given Glen the much-needed blessing of a mentally healthy equality of some of the intellectual stimulation and socialising he has needed for so long. So, Aruna has been a great blessing in these ways in particular, which advantages are a bit hard to describe really but am certain you will understand what I mean.
I am grateful to meet a professional person that can look after my daughter Nathalie. Is very hard to find the right person as Aruna that's caring for Nathalie. And Nathalie find the person very good.
Fred M
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Disability NDIS provider on the Gold Coast | NDIS support worker | Abilia
Diana Burnwood

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Disability NDIS provider on the Gold Coast | NDIS support worker | Abilia