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We honour our past, drawing on our legacy to inspire us for the future. We are transforming into a modern, relevant and sustainable organisation.

We are passionate about building an organisation which makes the most positive impact on the lives of people with disability and mental health. This is our primary mission, which informs our approach to how we build the organisation, ensuring its sustainability and effectiveness.

For us to build a high performing organisation, we are committed to building our services at all levels of the organisation, and invest in this extensively. Great leaders build great teams who deliver excellence on a consistent basis.

“For me, disability is a way of getting some extremity, some kind of very difficult situation, that throws an interesting light on people.” -Mark Haddon




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We believe in the importance of dialogue and engagement, and are constantly working on way to improve how we can have important conversations across the organisation. We value diversity and recognise that we are richer for having multiple perspectives on how to continue transforming our organisation for the future.

Disability NDIS provider on the Gold Coast | NDIS support worker | Abilia

What our clients say about us

I am grateful to meet a professional person that can look after my daughter Nathalie. Is very hard to find the right person as Aruna that's caring for Nathalie. And Nathalie find the person very good.
Fred M

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Disability NDIS provider on the Gold Coast | NDIS support worker | Abilia